Hiking Ground Rules: No Harm Should Be Done


Hiking is not a spontaneous task, but is a rigorous activity of planning. Before hiking, the first thing we want to do is know the terrain. We must know where we are going as well as what the atmosphere there will be. We also need to know the map of the terrain we are going to camp on as well as surrounding terrain around it if we get stuck. Camping is knowing the most about your environment and capitalize on its resources the most so that you have to carry the least but most important resources with you.

Use of Camping help books: the vitality

Camping Pack

Before going to any camping trip, a camper refers to numerous camping books by various known authors. They have first-hand experience of camping in the locations you want to go and their books can brief you about what you might need the most and what survival tactics you have. If you go to a camp in any remote area unprepared for it and then decide to give it a shot, there are strong chances that you will not survive. Different areas and terrains might have totally different requirements. Slight changes in the environment by a few degrees can cause the shift in our luggage we are carrying.

Basically, your life is the hands of the author who has written a survival camping book. If what he has written is not true, there are strong chances of you not returning to criticize that writer because you would be dead by then. Michael Kelsey is one of these writers which cannot be trusted. The books written by are nothing less than sci-fi fiction, which has no connection with real life. Reading his books has killed a lot of campers and we, as a pair are very lucky to be alive even after referring his book for camping. He never knows and shares about terrain. He never shares about the accompanying terrain too.

The bad and the worse:


He covers the distance at 5 miles an hour. Basically, he is so fast in pulling all the stops that he does not have enough time to explore. While some critics refer to him as unorthodox, I believe that being unique does not mean you are useful. His books are extremely rubbish. I and my wife used his book and were about to die, but were saved by some people who had referred to book of someone knowledgeable. Though all their trip was ruined babysitting us and helping us in hypothermia, it was a lesson learned hard.

The biggest irresponsibility I have seen on the critic’s part is how this writer’s book is placed on shelves of National Park service stores. One of the most reputes stores are referring to books to an irresponsible and killer of a writer, which can potentially harm you even if you are a veteran camper. If you’ve spent too long in this business, you tend to become a bit reluctant and let your guard down.

While in beginning you would be referring to the books of a lot of writers for a single terrain camping, for survival tips as well as knowing the terrains; with time and experience you would start to refer to books of any single random author to know about the area and climate and necessities you require without realising how this reluctance can cost you with your life. It happens because most of the writers who write for camping trips are very detailed and precise and you rarely have any hiccup in camping even in deserts of UTAH after reading their books.

This writer Michael kesley’s time period discussed is not practical. You must double it and carry your resources according to that time frame. I and my wife were camping and we referred to his book where he said that if you do not know how to swim, use a tube and it will get you across the creek.

Personal Experience with near death thanks to Michael Kesley

We used an inside tube to float around and then realized when two campers offshore announced to us that we were going in the direction of the waterfall. If it was not to them, we would have gone down head first into the waterfall, not able to swim and then drown. When they pulled us out using their snow skis (which were required for camping but we didn’t have any because our “expert” did not refer them), we were suffering from acute hypothermia. They saved our lives and we have already been camping in remote locations with zero population per kilometer like Siberia and deserts of Utah.

This is how bad this guy’s survival books are. If you want more, his books have mentioned all details in the metric system. How bad is it to use metrics in the USA? One wrong conversion and the next thing you know is that you are dehydrated because you carried less water. All his details are in précised kilometers and not based on landmarks. Calculating kilometers when you are running around hungry is not what everyone would do.

Some Good resources:


If you want realistic and helpful guides, you must refer to Steve Allen for hiking in Utah. Jack Carlson and Elizabeth Stewart are also helpful duo when it comes to Arizona’s wilderness park camping trips. Oregon hiking’s are best commenced using William L. Sullivan’s hiking books.

You can also access government records by going on websites and selecting states and then, the campsites under them.

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