Hiking Tips For Beginners To Stay Safe And Have Fun!

Hiking Tips for Beginners

Nowadays, one doesn’t get time for themselves because of hectic schedules. The study suggests that outdoor activities help boost your brainpower, increase attention spans and problem solving skills. There are a plenty of outdoor activities available that you can choose from.

One of the most popular activities is called hiking, which allows you to interact with nature, a place that has real and measurable benefits to creative problem solving.​

If you’re out of shape or just beginning your journey to a better lifestyle, thoughts about serious hiking can certainly keep you indoors and away from the trails.

Now the question arises, how a beginner should start with the hiking process. Well, I have got various tips for you. No more television advertisement or magazines to resolve hiking queries.

Hereby, I come up with few important and useful tips for making your hiking journey the best adventure of your life.

Nonetheless, a few efforts are also required from your side. So, be ready for hiking, but never forget the essentials that are mentioned below:​

To start with hiking one must follow the simple process or tips likewise:

1. Start with small and choose the right hike – When you’re just starting with the hike, always start with shorter distance that you normally walk in day-to-day life. Also, pick a hike based on how much time you have.
2. Familiarize yourself with the hike – After choosing the place to hike, get yourself familiarize with the map, review reports and data pertaining to that location. You can easily get all the information through the internet.
3. Check the weather before you leave – Few hours before the journey, you should check the weather of that particular location so that, by the time you start with your hiking, there should not be any obstacle.
4. Inform someone wherever you will be – If you have planned to hike alone, take the time to call or email someone and let them know that you’ll be hiking and when you expect to be back. Also, inform them that they should not worry if you get few hours later, as you could get late because of slow hiking, amazing views or any other reason.
5. Be ready with the basic essentials like:
  • Navigation – Map and Compass.
  • Sun protection – Sunscreen and Sunglasses.
  • Insulation – Extra clothesd.
  • Illumination – Flashlight/ hand lampe.
  • First aid boxf.
  • Fire – Waterproof matches/lighter/candleg.
  • Repair kit and toolsh.
  • Nutrition – Extra foodi.
  • Hydration – Extra waterj.
  • Emergency Shelter – Tent/ garbage bagk.
  • Finding way - GPS receiver.
6. Wear the footwear – Right shoes and socks plays an important role in hiking process because a painful feet can ruin a hike. Choice of boots that are going to help you hike comfortably. Go for quality hiking shoes and socks that doesn’t mean heavy leather shoes. There are a lot of light hiking shoes available in the market, so you’ve a plenty of options to choose from.

7. Dress for success – Once the footwear is selected, it’s time to find the right dress because it is also a key aspect to ensure comfort while hiking. Don’t go for cotton clothes as it may get damp and make you feel clammy. But perhaps, go for synthetic clothes, as they easily get adjusted with the weather changes and temperature fluctuations. Lastly, don’t forget to pack an extra warm layer beyond what you think.
8. Keep it light – Now I’ve told you, how to start the hike, but always keep in mind that you don’t carry anything heavy on your hiking trip.
9. Pace yourself according to the situation – When you start hiking, you may feel like a super human who can easily climb off the hill, but don’t be fool because things can change dramatically in the forests. Walk at a speed that you can easily maintain all day.
10. Keep it beautiful – When the beautiful hike comes to end, beautiful memories stay forever if we care for them. So, don’t give a chance to lose such memories, which are for a lifetime.
Hiking Camping

Using these tips will ensure a great hiking trip. Just try to enjoy the situations you come across, no matter if it is good or bad.

These tips will also attract the non-adventurous people and encourage them to try the outdoor activities as a new hobby. But, before going for the hiking, you should keep the above-mentioned tips in mind to enjoy the wonderful journey. All the best!

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