Kelty Ignite 20 Review: How It Makes Your Trip Incredible?

Kelty Ignite 20 Review

Connecting with nature can result in a soul soothing experience. Things get a lot better when you have a sleeping bag like Kelty Ignite 20 with you. Camping and hiking are the two spectacular ways to enjoy the wilderness and spend some quality time outdoors. The unmatched beauty of the nature can turn into a life-threatening place as well.

Well, if you plan on sleeping without a sleeping bag, then you are prone to all sorts of dangers that are present in the woods. Sleeping on a tree branch in the cold weather could result in severe health issues.

The same could happen when you plan to sleep in the open during summer or rainy season. There is no need to be a ‘Tarzan’ and risk your life when you can double the enjoyment by having a Kelty Ignite 20 Degree DriDown sleeping bag. The bag comes with a plenty of amazing features and benefits for the hikers/campers, which we will discuss here in this post.

How Kelty Ignite DriDown 20 Degree sleeping bag makes things easier for you in the forests?

  • Forests are unpredictable and the weather changes pretty dramatically there. Having this sleeping bag will protect you from low night temperatures, heavy rain and high humidity. This is because of its 600-fill power DriDown technology.
  • The insulation given on this bag by the company creates an impenetrable shield for the cold and moisture. To double the effect of the insulation, the company has provided a baffle box style, which bars cold from getting inside the bag.
  • The inclusion of a draft collar and a full hood is going to beef up the insulation for you on chilly nights. Moreover, the bag doesn’t have any chilly spots, so you can sleep soundly in the sleeping bag.
  • Another great feature of the sleeping bag is that it is lightweight. It weighs just over two pounds, so you can easily carry it on your back and travel miles of distance. Zipping and unzipping can also be done without much of an effort.
  • It doesn’t matter how heavily it rained last night, the sleeping bag won’t take much time to dry. The compressible material of the sleeping bag makes it easier to fold and pack the bag within seconds. You don’t have to waste time in packing and unpacking the sleeping bag.
  • The same features can be found in the Kelty ignite 0 Degree DriDown sleeping bag. The only difference between the Kelty Ignite 20 Degrees and 0 Degree sleeping bag is the temperature. Kelty Ignite 0 Degree sleeping bag is more effective in freezing weather conditions.

Fabulous features of Kelty Ignite DriDown 20-Degree Sleeping Bag

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  • Super-effective in all kinds of weather: You can use this sleeping bag in any season, as the material used in the sleeping bag protects you from rain and cold.
  • Unique design: The baffle bag design of the bag keeps the water from getting inside the bag. The combination of nylon ripstop shell and polyester lining adds to the versatility of the bag. The mummy shape of the bag helps retains heat within the bag, thus resulting in a highly comfortable sleep.
  • Hood and collar: Unlike other sleeping bags, Kelty Ignite 20 DriDown sleeping bag comes with a thermal comfort hood and top draft collar, which helps seal out chilly wind.
  • Doesn’t weigh too much: The weight of this sleeping bag is 2lb 11oz or 1.23 kilograms, which is perhaps the lowest in its class. It won’t give back strain if you decide to carry this bag on long distance trips.
  • Convenient zipping: I have tried many sleeping bags and I’ve found a common issue with all of them, i.e., sluggish zipper. But, the Kelty Ignite DriDown sleeping bag comes with a dual slider zipper, which is ideal for super-active people like me.
    If you don’t want to get trapped in the sleeping bag, then you have to get a bag that comes with dual zipper that can be unzipped easily.

Pros and Cons of Kelty Ignite 20 Degree sleeping bag

Things that I like about Kelty Ignite 20

  • Thermal comfort hood: The form fitted hood covers the head without causing any suffocation because there is an opening given to breathe.
  • The Mummy shape of the bag: The mummy shape of the bag keeps the body a lot warmer, though some people won’t like this particular shape.
  • Has enough room: The sleeping bag can easily accommodate a woman with a height of 5’8’’. Other sleeping bags in the same class don’t have such a space.
  • Affordable price: The price of the bag is quite affordable when compared with the size and the comfort of the bag.

Things that force me to think again about buying it

  • Not suitable for backpacking trip: This sleeping bag is a tad bulky to be carried out on a backpacking trip.
  • Only available in red color: If you don’t like red color, then you may have to either compromise or look at another sleeping bag because this bag only comes in red color.

How to properly use Kelty Ignite 20 Degree sleeping bag?

This is a mummy-shaped bag, so you need to understand that it will be a bit constricted than rectangular or semi-rectangular bag. You can just sneak into the bag and rest your neck on the top draft collar to snug it up.

There are two strings given at the top side of the bag; one string will snug it up from the top and another from the chin. There is a zipper draft tube given in the bag to bar the cold from entering into the bag.

The bottom of the sleeping bag is not flat, but round in shape. The feet will remain warm and cozy in that round compartment. The bag doesn’t come with a compression sack, so you have to buy it separately.

While sleeping at night, just make sure that you properly zip the entire bag, otherwise there is a chance of rain or chilly wind to come in the bag. If it does rain, then leave the bag to dry under the sun the next morning.

It won’t take much time, but just make sure that it dries fully, or you won’t be able to pack it properly. This bag is ideal for camping/hiking, and you can get it at a very nominal price too. Kelty Ignite DriDown 20 review is going to help you know better about the product.

Final Verdict

If you are desperate to have an unforgettable outdoor experience, then you need to have this extravagant sleeping bag. The list of sleeping bags is countless, so to cut the chase, I have put an unbiased review of what I consider as the best sleeping bag for the people with a limited budget. People who are ready to invest money in a better sleeping bag can check out Kelty Cosmic Down 20 review, as it is a wonderful sleeping bag that will efficiently keep you warm and dry in the cold winter nights.

The amazing design, an abundance of features and a highly affordable price are some of the aspects that will lure you to buy this sleeping bag. Many companies are selling Kelty Ignite 20 sleeping bag online, and if you want to get it with the genuine warranty and genuine support, then just get it from

Kelty Ignite DriDown 20 Degree Sleeping Bag
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Review Summary:

If your main motive is to get an affordable sleeping bag, then you can take a look at Kelty Ignite DriDown 20-Degree Sleeping Bag. This is perhaps the best sleeping bag for the money-minded people. This sleeping bag incorporates the DriDown treatment, which is one of the latest technologies in the world right now, but the company provides that technology on 650-fill down.

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