What Is The Role Of Hiking Poles And How To Use Them?

The question that most of the hill climbers ask themselves while thinking about going on an adventurous trip is that, ‘do they actually need a hiking pole or not’, especially when they are a beginner.

To get the correct answer to this query, you need to carefully consider two things i.e. safety and soothe. Hiking poles are a set of reliable sticks that helps you to maintain a good balance which is related to the overall safety.

When you are using a pair of two poles, you can move as you have proper four legs which allow you to get a better comfort along with proper safety.

People having such experiences say that, using hiking poles have helped them easily manage to climb any surface that has different ups and downs, regardless of the chance of misbalancing.​

What people have experienced with these hiking poles

Many people, who have previously used these hiking poles for several years, say that these poles are the real partner for a better experience of trekking or climbing.

No other thing is as much comforting and reliable as these are. Though, hiking poles have many other benefits, but following are some of the most significant benefits which encourage us to use them often every time we go on hiking or trekking:

​Safety is the most important factor

Safety First


Safety is the main reason of using these hiking poles as no one will ever compromise in terms of safety. Hiking poles basically allow you to get a support of an extra pair of legs that will help you remain stable on the unstable grounds or difficult terrains.

This also helps in reducing the load on your knees and foot, which further enhances your stamina. If you have hiking poles with you, they will keep you safe by preventing any sort of fallen down and any accidents. Certainly, safety and ease are the main motive of using these hiking and trekking poles.

Even Distribution of weight

While you are on trekking, there may be several times you need an extra support that can handle your body weight. If your body weights get distributed over these poles, then it is a very relaxing experience as well as it does not make any sort of discomfort on your ankles and knees.

Moreover, these poles help in providing a proper structural position to your body’s posture which sometimes gets worse due to overweight on legs. It is a must have product that enhances your overall experience of trekking and adventure trip. Many people claim that since they are using them, they enjoy their trip a lot than their previous trips without them. There are many advantages of using hiking poles.​

Comforting your legs​

Hiking with these poles makes you feel more comfortable as you can walk in a natural posture while climbing on a hill and reaching down. It also ensures that your hands also remain in a very comfortable position; which also improves the proper circulation of the blood in the entire body.

Many research and analysis have made it clear that this type of trips or climbing must be done with proper accessories as well as with proper guidance from an expert.

Maintaining a proper fitness level

It helps us to maintain our fitness level as well as to enhance our stamina. At the last but not at the least, using these hiking poles for a good trail riding is a good decision as it has a number of benefits and other uses.

You may also find that it not only adds a few extra pounds of weight to your packing, but further helps you a lot in a many ways. They are considered to be your best companion as they make your journey remarkable and at the same time give you a proper support.

Many people find it difficult to handle these kinds of poles, but the truth is that it has a lot of benefits that you can only experience once you use them. Apart from all these benefits, they are solely responsible for ensuring a proper physique.

In other words, it enhances your fitness level and makes it possible for you to tackle any kind of difficulties that come in your way. It is completely beneficial to use them for your next journey.

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  • March 9, 2016
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